Suggestion For Purchase

Huron Public Library brandIf you would like the library to purchase an item that is unavailable in our collection, please click and follow the instructions below.

The following types of requests will not be considered:
1. New titles that have not been released yet.
2. Titles that have a copyright of greater than 10 years.
3. Textbooks, workbooks, study material, or academic works.
4. Material that is used or out-of-print.
5. Additional copies for titles already owned by the library.

The Huron Public Library has a list of popular authors from whom the library automatically purchases new works (PDF) regularly. Patrons interested in new items should check the library’s online catalog first to see if a copy has been ordered. If the item shows that is on order, patrons can log on to their account, click on the title, and reserve it.

NOTE: It is impossible to purchase every request or respond to each recommendation individually. However, if the suggested item is purchased, that item will be placed on hold for the patron who made the suggestion, and the patron will be notified of its availability. Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for a new item to be ready for check-out. Contact the Reference Desk to request an interlibrary loan if you need an item sooner.

Approved by the Library Board on November 26, 2019.