Meeting Rooms

NOTE: During the months of June and July, the meeting rooms will be reserved for library use only. Reservations for the month of August can be made starting June 1st. 

Meeting Rooms

The Huron Public Library welcomes public use of its meeting facilities in keeping with the Library’s commitment “to enrich the quality of life in Huron by providing library materials and services, which anticipate and respond to the informational, educational, and entertainment needs of Huron residents to promote life-long learning”.


The Meeting Room Policy establishes rules and procedures for the use of the Library’s meeting facilities. The Library Director is responsible for implementing this policy and for maintaining reservation lists.


Use of Library meeting rooms by any group signifies acceptance of the terms of this policy.

Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance.

To complete your Meeting Room Request Form, you must agree to all of the following guidelines.


Meeting Room Policy

(A)  This rule applies to the use of a Library meeting room by members of the public. It does not apply to the use of a Library meeting room by the Library or by another department of the City of Huron.  This rule is cumulative of other Library uses rules. This rule supersedes another Library rule to the extent of a conflict.  This rule may be referred to as the Meeting Room Policy. 


The library maintains two meeting rooms.  The Lester Jones Room is a multipurpose room that seats 50 people.  The South Dakota Room seats 15 people and has restricted use for equipment and refreshments.


(B)  Terms of Use.

(1)  The use of a Library meeting room by a group or a customer signifies the group’s or customer’s acceptance of the terms of the Meeting Room Policy.

(2)  There is no charge for meeting room use. 

(3)  The use of, and the scheduling of the use of, a meeting room is subject to the needs of the Library, and may not interfere with the Library’s operations or the use of the Library by customers. The City or Library needs preempt any other scheduled event in a meeting room. The frequency of meetings for any one organization will be at the discretion of the Library Director.

(4)  The use of a meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by the Library or the City of Huron of a viewpoint expressed by a group or by a participant in a meeting or activity. 

(a)  A group using a room may not advertise or announce an event to be held in a meeting room if the advertisement or announcement states or implies the endorsement of the Library or the City of Huron. 

(b)  An announcement or notice to publicize an activity may not be posted or distributed on Library premises without advance approval from the librarian in charge. 

(5) The Library Board reserves the right to deny or revoke permission for future use of the meeting rooms to any group that violates the rules or is disorderly or objectionable in any way.  An organization may request a clarification from the Library Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.


(C)  Who May Use a Meeting Room?

(1)  A Library meeting room may be reserved by a not-for-profit, non-commercial group engaged in an educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activity.  If a meeting room is equipped with video conferencing equipment installed by the Library, it may be reserved by a group or by a single individual.

(2)  A use of a meeting room must be open to the public and may not be restricted to the membership of the group.  A member of the public that sees a meeting taking place may enter and participate in the meeting. 

(3)  A customer may not reserve a meeting room for individual use unless it is for video conferencing.  A customer must sign in at the service desk for individual use of a meeting room. 

(4)  A child under the age of 10 may not be in a meeting room unless accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years of age, and who is responsible for the child’s behavior. 

(5)  A meeting room may not be used for commercial purposes. A group or customer using a meeting room may not solicit money or another thing of value, charge admission, sell, or advertise for sale, goods or services. 

(6)  A meeting room may not be used for a social gathering such as a wedding shower, a baby shower, a birthday party, a dance, or a similar activity. 

(7)  A meeting room may not be used for a political rally or a campaign for or against a specific ballot issue or candidate. However, a meeting room may be used for a forum or study group on a political issue. 

(8)  A meeting room may not be used to provide a direct healthcare service, including an examination, a hands-on demonstration, or a treatment. However, a meeting room may be used for a forum or the sharing of information about healthcare services. 

(9)  Permission to use Library meeting rooms will be withheld from a group that has failed to comply with the Meeting Room Policy or from a group that damages a meeting room, the carpet, equipment, or furniture, or causes a disturbance. 


Reserving a Meeting Room

(1)  A group may request the use of a meeting room online, in person, or in writing. The Library will consider requests on a first-come, first-served basis. 

(2)  A group that is canceling a meeting must provide notice of the cancellation to the Library’s Meeting Room Coordinator as soon as possible. A group forfeits its reservation if the group fails to appear within 30 minutes after the scheduled time.  

(3)  If a group fails to appear for two consecutive meetings without making a cancellation, all future reservations of the group are canceled. 

(4)  Meetings may not be scheduled before or after library hours. Group representatives may not enter library buildings, nor will deliveries be accepted, before the regular opening time. 

(5)  A group may not assign or transfer its reservation to another group. 


Care and Use of a Meeting Room

(1)  A group or customer using a meeting room may not make noise that disturbs another Library customer or the Library staff. 

(2)  A group or customer using a meeting room must completely vacate the room at least 15 minutes before the Library’s closing time. 

(3)  A group or customer must leave a meeting room in the condition in which the room was found. 

(4)  The Library provides limited furniture arrangement and equipment set up in a meeting room.

(a)  If a group or customer rearranges the furniture, the group or customer must return the furniture to the original arrangement before leaving the room.

(b)  A group or customer may not bring furniture or equipment from the main area of the library into a meeting room. 

(c)  A group may bring its own furniture or equipment into a meeting room with advance approval by the Meeting Room Coordinator. 

(i)  Arrangements for the use of such furniture or equipment must be made at the time the room is reserved. 

(ii)  A group or customer must notify Library Staff when furniture or equipment is brought into the Library, and must promptly remove the furniture or equipment at the end of the meeting.

(d)  A group or customer may not store equipment, furniture, supplies, or personal effects in a meeting room before or after use.

(5)  A group or customer may not leave trash in a meeting room. A group that has produced trash during a meeting must remove that trash from the library at the end of the meeting. Trash bags will be provided.

(6)  A group or customer may not affix, tape, or fix with an adhesive any item to any part of a meeting room, including a wall, door, window treatment, or woodwork. 

(7)  The library does not provide audio, video, or other equipment other than that which is already installed in the room.  Written instructions for the use of the equipment within the meeting room are posted in the room. The Library will assist with the equipment if they are available. 

(8)  A group or customer must keep all doors unlocked at all times. Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access to exits. 

(9)  A group or customer must use a public entrance for all access to and from the building, including all deliveries. 

(10)  Attendance at a meeting is limited to the capacity of the individual meeting room. Seating or furniture may not be placed in a corridor outside the meeting room. 

(a)   Attendance of a meeting is to be recorded on the Library’s Meeting Room Survey sheet which will be given to the group upon arrival.

(11)  Food and Drink in a Meeting Room: 

(a)  Food and drink may be consumed in the Lester Jones Room if the food or drink is individually packaged and does not have to be maintained at a certain temperature, for example,  packaged snacks, individual containers of soda, and whole pieces of fruit. No foods or beverages are allowed in the South Dakota Room.

(b)  Kitchen facilities or equipment are not provided by the library other than a microwave.  Popcorn is forbidden to be made in the microwave.

(c)  Protective mats or tablecloths must be used on tables when refreshments are being served. Plastic tablecloths will be furnished by the Library.  

(d)   Alcohol use and smoking are not permitted in the Library meeting rooms.

(12)  The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, is responsible for damages that result from the group’s use of the meeting room. 

(13)   The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible theft of any property of the organization or person using the Library meeting rooms.


Americans with Disabilities Act

The City of Huron and the Huron Public Library are committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request.  Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request.


Questions not covered in this policy should be addressed to the Library Director, at 605-353-8530 or To discuss exceptions to this policy, please ask the Library Director.

Approved and updated by the Library Board on July 23, 2019.

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