Garbage Collection


  • The City will provide each residential household in Huron with a brown container for their once per week garbage collection. The containers are the property of the City of Huron and must remain with the address that receives them. If you move do not take the container with you. The collection trucks begin their routes at 6 am. There is not a set time when they will cover a certain area of town. Residents are urged to place their containers out the night before their collection day to avoid missing the truck. Trucks will not be rerouted to pick up containers that were put out late.
  • Collection. Locate your residence on the color-coded Garbage Collection Map (PDF) to determine the day of your garbage pickup using the color key for the map. Garbage must be bagged and placed inside the brown container so that the lid is closed. Overfilled containers will not be picked up. If you find that your current container is not adequate for your weekly needs additional 60-gallon containers (may total 3 containers) are available for residential collection at an additional fee of $10.00 per container per month. Please contact the Solid Waste Department at 605-353-8542.
  • Brown Container Contents. Household trash such as food containers, food, clothing, shoes, books, paper items, TVs, computer monitors, electronics, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, insulation, and similar items. No furniture, ashes, or construction materials. Residents must place all of their garbage in the container. No garbage should be sitting above the top of the cart and lids must be closed completely. All garbage must be bagged or wrapped.
  • Container Placement. Containers shall be located on the premises, adjacent to the alley, so as to be accessible from the alley without obstruction. Where no alley is adjacent to the premises, containers shall be placed on the boulevard parkway on the day of collection and removed from said boulevard within 24 hours of being emptied. Containers must be placed no farther than 8 feet from the alley or curb and 3 feet from any obstacles. The handle must face toward the house with no obstructions around, above, or in front of the container. Obstructions such as vehicles, buildings, fences, structural overhangs, guidelines, overhead power lines, and trees must also be taken into consideration with the placement of containers. During winter conditions this will also include snow (drifts and windrows). The containers must be placed so that the collectors do not have to exit their trucks to reposition the can for pick up with the automated arms. If you do not have any garbage to be picked up, please remove your container from the pickup area.

Holiday Collection Schedule

When a holiday occurs, that day's garbage will be collected on Wednesday of that week. Examples: Labor Day is on a Monday; therefore, Monday's garbage will be collected on Wednesday. Thanksgiving is on a Thursday; therefore, Thursday's garbage will be collected in Wednesday.


Garbage dumpsters are available in 3 and 4-yard capacities for commercial accounts. Collections can be made as few as one time per week or as many as six times per week. They are meant for office or household-type garbage. No wood, furniture, metal, tires, batteries, tree branches, or yard waste is to be placed in these dumpsters.