Officer Training

Huron Police Badge Each and every Huron Police Officer must undergo hundreds of hours of rigorous training to obtain and maintain certification as a law enforcement officer in the State of South Dakota.  The Huron Police Department strives to provide the best training available to all its officers as well as outside agencies. The police department maintains a minimum of one instructor for all major fields of training.

Law Enforcement Basic Academy

Officers must attend the thirteen-week Basic Academy at the Law Enforcement Training Center (LET) in Pierre, SD. This basic training prepares officers for fulfilling their duties once they return to agencies. A wide variety of subjects is covered which includes, community policing, state statutes, traffic stops, search and seizure, use of force, and firearms to name only a few. Reciprocity is available for individuals who are certified law enforcement officers in other states or who have successfully completed a law enforcement degree program with an institution of higher education that is recognized by the state.  Those who qualify for reciprocity must successfully pass an exam and then attend one week of training at LET.

Field Training

In addition to attending the basic academy, newly hired police officers must complete a thirteen-week in-house field training program. This training covers some of the same subjects as the academy but also includes city-specific items such as city ordinances, jurisdictional geography, department policies, etc. The trainee will be paired with several different field training officers (FTOs) on different shifts during the course of the program.

Use of Force Simulator

The Huron Police Department has owned and operated a Ti Training Use of Force Simulator since 2011. This state-of-the-art training simulator was purchased through the assistance of a federal grant program. The simulator is primarily used for intradepartmental and outside agency training, but can also be used for public demonstrations related to law enforcement use of force.

Domestic Violence

Officers are required to complete a minimum of 4 hours of training every 4 years pertaining to the enforcement of criminal laws in domestic abuse situations, availability of community resources, and the protection of victim(s).

It is the goal of law enforcement to help remove victims from violent situations and bring their abusers to justice. The Huron Police Department partners with local safe centers to ensure victims are provided with confidential assistance as they attempt to leave their abusive situation.

Domestic Violence Links & Resources

First Aid / AED Certification

All officers must successfully complete training on providing first aid and use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). This certification allows them to be able to render immediate aid when responding to a call for service where someone has been injured or is unresponsive. Once Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from the Huron Ambulance Service arrive at the scene they take over providing aid to the person. The police department currently has four uniformed officers who are EMTs that are able to provide more advanced forms of aid.

Advanced Training Courses

Officers with the Huron Police Department are also able to attend advanced training courses outside of the agency. The Law Enforcement Training Center (LET) in Pierre, SD, has several of these opportunities every year. These can include such courses as Advanced Accident Reconstruction, Interview and Interrogation, Criminal Interdiction, Drug Recognition Expert, and many more.