The Huron Police Department (HPD) is divided into four main divisions that work closely together to serve the community in the most effective way possible. In addition to our divisions, we also have an SD Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) field office at the department. Each division is listed below with a brief explanation of what they do. 

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of 18 full-time sworn officers, divided into four shifts. Each patrol shift works a 12-hour work shift, providing 24-hour coverage to the community. All shifts are supervised by a captain, but also include a sergeant, who serves as an additional first-line supervisor. Patrol officers perform routine traffic enforcement, as well as respond to a variety of calls for service. Calls for service include, but are not limited to: thefts, assaults, burglaries, traffic crashes, and medical emergencies.

Huron Police Car on Patrol

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for both primary, as well as follow-up investigations on a variety of misdemeanor and felony cases. The current Detective Unit is comprised of 4 plain-clothes detectives. Each detective is trained in a wide range of specialized skills including interview and interrogation, evidence collection, and crime scene photography. In addition to the general training received, each detective also attends training specific to their interest areas, including narcotic investigation, sex crimes, and electronic and cyber-crimes.

Dispatch Center

The Huron Police Dispatch Center handles all routine business and emergency 911 calls for agencies within the City of Huron, all of Beadle County, and all of Jerauld County. The Dispatch Center also provides 911 services for Hand and Kingsbury Counties. The Dispatch Center is currently comprised of 8 full-time Telecommunicators and is overseen by the Dispatch Supervisor.

Dispatch Center

Reserve Unit

The Huron Police Department Reserve Unit is currently comprised of 5 volunteer positions. All members of the Reserve Unit are unpaid volunteers; however, they are still sworn members of the Huron Police Department. The Reserve Unit is a highly trained, well-organized extension of the police department. In addition to assisting full-time officers on patrol, the Reserve Officers also participate in a variety of community programs and events.

Police Reserve

SD Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)

The Huron Police Department provides offices for two South Dakota DCI Agents assigned to the Huron field office. One agent specializes in drug crimes, while the other is assigned to general crime. The police department and DCI routinely provide assistance to one another, sharing both equipment and resources.

HPD Organizational Chart

The organizational chart provides you with a visual depiction of how the Huron Police Department is structured. This will give you an idea of how the different divisions and specialty units are put together and overseen.

HPD Organizational Chart